Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reckless by Funke

I'm sure you have heard of books that Cornelia Funke has written. She is a German author who wrote, The Thief Lord, Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath. The Inkheart series is probably the most popular due to the fact that Inkheart was made into a movie in 2009. I recently finished her newest book, Reckless. All in all, I would have to say that it was good, but not great. I know that I might seem like a negative book reviewer as of lately, but I am just trying to be honest.

When I read about this book I was quite excited. It had such fabulous potential. The School Library Journal said the following about Reckless, "Funke takes readers on a new adventure into a magical place where the dark side of fairy tales holds sway." A book that weaves together fairy tales but on the dark side. Sounds pretty awesome. The idea of the book, and the concept is fabulous. Funke actually did a pretty good job of weaving in the various fairy tales in a creative way. I truly enjoyed that aspect throughout the story. However, I was disappointed due to the fact that I didn't feel any true connection with the characters. I honestly didn't seem to care what happened one way or the other to the main characters. I just wish there was more character development in the story.

Reckless is good and creative, it just wasn't fabulous; though, maybe my expectations were a tad high. Honestly, I'm not saying that it isn't worth it to read; I'm just saying that it could have been so much better. Have any of you read it? Let me know what you thoughts are, or if I am off base completely.

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