Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If you like Malcom Gladwell's Blink then....

You will like Drive by Daniel H. Pink. If you like to read those books that make you feel like you were a sociology or psychology major, or you just find human nature and the reason we do what we do fascinating, then you should check out this book.

Now, if you notice, I mostly read fiction. My husband is completely opposite of me in this; he prefers non-fiction (like most boys/men do), mostly the non-fiction in the 900's (for those Dewey dorks like me who refer to books in their Dewey area). However, once in a blue moon I pick up a non-fiction that looks interesting. My husband is so proud of me when I do do this.

I heard about Drive when I was at a gifted teaching conference for work. This non-fiction book is fascinating. It explains with research that has been done (which I always find interesting) about what truly motivates us to do what we do. For years, and I think many people still feel this way, the thought that if you reward, extrinsic motivation, then people will work harder and do better. However, this is clearly explained in the beginning with a few studies that this is not the case. External rewards actually is worse. In today's society, and with the challenges that we face today intrinsic motivation is the key.

There is obviously more that I could talk about here, I mean there's a whole book on the topic, but for a fascinating non-fiction read check-out this book. There is waiting list at my library, but I found, and I am sure you will, plenty of other good books to read while I waited for my turn to come up.

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