Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Earth Day {Book List}

Earth Day- the Best Earthy Day books.  These fiction and non-fiction books are entertaining, inspiring, and informative.  Great books.  Even some poetry ones to really fit the month of April. Alohamora Open a Book toddler, preschool, kindergarten, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th grade, read alouds, teachers, librarian, holiday, seasonal, time of year books.

Whenever we have an early Easter the two things most on my mind during the month of April is Poetry and Earth Day.  Though, that is probably the teacher and school librarian in me.  

Teachers and librarians are always looking for seasonal or event books for that time of year.  A teacher friend of mine was asking me for some Earth Day books when I realized I had yet to give y'all an Earth Day Book List.

Hence the book list I am giving y'all today.  There are a lot of less than stellar Earth Day books out there.  However, I promise you that these are the best ones around. 

The Best Earth Day Books 

 It’s a long read, but a great story for Earth Day.  B/c of it’s length and inferring that needs to occur for comprehension I imagine 2nd grade is the youngest I’d go with this classic picture book.

This is an older book published in the 70s, but the message at the end is good and still very applicable to today.  “The green will find its way back through the rubble, but the Wump World would never be quite the same.”  It’s a longer book, not as long as The Lorax, so I imagine 2nd grade is also the youngest I want for attention purposes.

A colorful book about Earth Day and it’s importance that is written simply enough toddlers and preschoolers can understand.  This book is best for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders.

This fun "green" nursery rhymes are fun and fitting for this time of year.  With the combination of short poems and the saving the earth theme this book is perfect for teachers and librarians to read and display the month of April.  The stories are best enjoyed by those that know the original rhymes, I’d say 3rd grade and up.

This story isn’t an obvious Save the Earth or Recycle themed book, but it is a color concept book about planting a garden which is a perfect Earth Day activity and theme.  The simple text and content is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

This typical Parr looking book is simple and gives clear examples for how to save the earth as well as easily understood reasons for why we need to.  I’m a fan of it, and toddlers through first graders will enjoy this book the most.

Kids Save the Earth non-fiction book series:
Save Energy Every Day, Recycle Every Day, and Take Care of the Earth Every Day are written by Tammy Gagne,  Save Water Every Day by Mari Schuh

These non-fiction Earth day books are fabulous; they are well written, provide interesting information, and the content is applicable for kids of many ages.  Libraries should definitely add this series to their collection.  Toddlers through at least 4th grade could use, read, and learn from this great book series.     

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