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Monsters! Not Too Scary Monster Books {Picture Book List}

This Monster Book List is full of lovable fun monsters that are Not Too Scary or actually not scary at all.  They are just fun books, great read alouds for teachers, librarians, and parents, and wonderful books to enjoy during Halloween or any time of year for the kids that loves all things Monsters/Wild Things related.  Alohamora Open a Book book list, picture books, kidlit, awesome stories, Caldecott, books for boys, books for girls, funny, humorous, relatable, lessons

Some people think of monsters as scary, frightening, and/or freaky.  However, there are plenty of movies and books that portray friendly, funny, and/or silly monsters.

Both my oldest girl and boy think most monster books are fun.  However, there are some picture books with monsters in them, like Tell Me a Scary Story, But Not Too Scary that are a bit too scary for my preschoolers.  Though, I only know that specific book does not fit the criteria of my Not Too Scary Monster Book List b/c of a Mom Fail.  One weekend when I was out of town running a half marathon I let my husband know that the new book they just received in the mail wasn't too scary and he could read it to them before bed.  Oooops, that wasn't the best idea; it was a rough/scary night for everyone involved.

However, I do learn from my mistakes.  I guarantee that these 10 Monster Books are Not Too Scary for even the young toddlers to enjoy.

Monsters, Not Too Scary Monster Books

Fright Club

Even though this book is all about monsters and other creatures that just want to scare children on Halloween it’s still not too scary. This book is fun.
Best for Toddlers through 1st grade.

Leonardo the Terrible Monster

Not all monsters are scary or can even scare a little bit.  However, Leonardo is a good friend.  This monster book has a great message; it is one of my favorite Mo Willems' books. 
Best for Preschool through 2nd grade.

Bedtime for Monsters

This book is super cute, but it does lead the reader along thinking it is going to be scary..  However, it is far from scary; it's a great read kids will want to read over and over again.  
Best for toddlers through 1st grade.

My teacher is a monster! (No I'm Not.)

This book is less monster Halloween like, but it is still funny, relatable, and full of a monster all kids believe.
Best for 1st grade through 4th grade.

I Need My Monster

Monsters hide under beds in this picture book, but Ethan isn't afraid of his monster, he needs his under the bed "scary monster" to help him sleep.  This story is fun, unique, and a refreshing change of a storyline.  This book makes for an excellent read aloud; teachers and librarians could teach tons of different writing lessons with.  It also makes for a great read aloud.  
Best for Preschool to 5th grade, though it could be used as a writing lesson for older grades. 

Where the Wild Things Are

Classic monsters in this classic picture book. This picture book won the Caldecott for good reason, and the story is just fun. 
Great for toddlers through 2nd grade.  Older can enjoy it, they just might not enjoy it as much.

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo is a fun picture book toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners will enjoy.  It’s not the best writing, but it’s decent enough only the most critical will notice.  The fun storyline makes up for any less than great aspects of the book.  As a bonus there is a Gruffalo tv version/clip on Netflix the toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy.  

Love Monster

This book may not be a "Halloween" Monster book, but it is still a Monster that is not scary at all; in fact, all he wants to do is be loved.  It's a favorite Valentines/Love book of mine, and it is a fantastic Not Too Scary Monster book for anytime of year according to my kiddos.
Best for Toddlers through 3rd grade.

Tickle Monster

 This fun loving interactive book is perfect for parents to read to and with their kiddos.  the rhyming prose isn't the best, but the tickling instructions is so fun no one will mind.  

Go Away, Big Green Monster!

Through out this book the Big Green Monster grows or at least more of the Monster is revealed with each die-cut page.  It is such a fun book that your child of many ages will love the simple text and the colorful illustrations (which totally remind me of Ehlert) over and over again any time of year. . 
Great for toddlers to 1st grade.

Do you have any other Not Too Scary Monster Books

Happy Monster book reading!

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