Friday, July 24, 2015

Disgusting Books Kids Love

Disgusting Book Kids Love.  5 Awesome non-fiction/true/real/informational books kids will love reading.  Great pictures, great writing, and all around a disgusting and gross book.  Boys and Girls alike will enjoy these books, but even the reluctant readers (especially boys) will love this book list. Alohamora Open a Book

Kids can be gross.  I'm sure I'm not the only mom that has seen their kids pick their noses let alone attempt to eat those nasty boogers.  I have friends who has had their kids complete masterful artwork pieces on the walls with their own poop.  I have heard of kids peeing in the corner of their room on the carpet.  All very gross and disgusting things.    

Kids are gross; gross and disgusting are perfect ways to get reluctant readers aka kids who don't like to read reading.

If your kid doesn't like to read they haven't found the right book.  Don't give up.  Keep trying. 

Today, I'm embracing the gross and bringing you five awesome books, all non-fiction aka true facts, your kids, boys and girls alike, will love.  Kids, and big kids (adults), will love reading these books.  They will learn awesome disgusting and revolting things about vomit, poop, our own bodies, bugs, animals, and much more, and they will want to share all of those gross and nasty things they learned with you.  It'll be fun!

Since school has not quite started, you might as well finish the summer, or start the school year off with a bang with some great books kids will happily dive into.  It's all about getting a little gross.   

Disgusting Science Books Kids Will Love

This book is a series, Disgusting Creatures series, with creatures such as the slug, fly, spider, rat, head lice, and more.  I love the simple and fun pictures/illustrations, and the text that goes along with it is super as well.  
These books are great and enjoyed by the toddlers up through 5th grade at least.  

This may be a gross thought, but it is incredibly informative with a good text to picture layout.  The real pictures are great.  It's all around great, but disgusting book.
Kids in grades 3rd through 6th, or higher even, will enjoy this best. 

Just like the previously listed book, but this one is all about poop.  Fascinating and gross and all around well done informational/non-fiction book. 
Kids in 3rd though 6th will love this best. 

Human bodies are fun, interesting, and very applicable to read about such as noisy tummies are healthy tummies.  This is an older book, so the color pictures are not present, but it is still a fun and engaging book kids love. 
Best for kids in 3rd through 6th grade.

This series is gross and engaging and exactly what kids love to read about like snot and human bodies.  
Kids in grade 2nd through 5th grade will love this non-fiction book series. 

Get your kiddos involved and engaged and reading something disgusting. 

Happy Disgustingly Gross Book reading

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