Monday, November 3, 2014

We Pause this Blog for.... a BABY!

Last Thursday, October 30th, I had a sweet and feisty (yes you can totally be both) and beautiful little GIRL join our little family.  

My husband and I already have a 3 year old girl and 2 year old boy, so we thought it would be fun to wait to find out the sex for this little one.  

Waiting was fun.  At first it was hard, but near the end it was exciting.  Plus, it made delivery super exciting.  

Our little Eliza Ruth joined our family, and we are all in love with her.  My kids swarm her with newborn toys and want to help constantly.  They'd climb in her crib and sleep with her if we would let them.

With a new babe around the home we are trying to figure out life with 3 kids, surviving on even less sleep, and how to be productive when all we want to do is hold this sweet little snuggler. Yes, she loves to cuddle and snuggle up; it's pretty fabulous!

I appreciate your patience with me as I won't be able to share some of the awesome recipes I have ready to go (almost) and book lists with you.  Though, they are absolutely delicious so I won't make you wait too long. 

However, if anyone would love to do a guest post of any recipes, book reviews, book lists, DIY home or sewing, and/or lesson plans/ideas please holler. meganruth{at}gmail{dot}com    

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