Thursday, November 20, 2014

Turkey Trouble gets 5 Stars

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano gets 5 stars in book review.  Great picture book with a great and funny story and fabulous pictures.  Teachers can easily teach a compare/contrast lesson using a venn diagram using this book/class read aloud.  Perfect Thanksgiving/Holiday book. Alohamora Open a Book

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano is a fabulous picture book.  Fun read for this Thanksgiving holiday season, and just a fun read in general no matter what time of year it is.

I give Turkey Trouble 5 out of 5 stars.

This book gets the coveted 5 Star award in my book b/c the story is fun, funny, and original, and the pictures are fabulous and fit the writing style perfectly.  

Turkey Trouble really is a fun Thanksgiving read for boys and girls alike.  Toddlers all the way up to upper Elementary school kids will enjoy the creative story, humor, and great pictures. 

Teachers of all the grades will love that this book could be read aloud and be used in a great lesson using a Venn diagram graphic organizer.  As a teacher or librarian, you could teach a lesson about comparing and contrasting and finding differences.  The turkey is trying to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner and attempts to dress up as other animals to hide from the Farmer.

There are several animals the turkey dresses up like to hide from the Farmer.  A teacher could do a guided practice speaking aloud the compare and contrasting the dressed up Turkey to the first animal, horses.  Then after guided practice as a class or small reading group, letting the kids complete independent practice of a Venn diagram is a great follow-up to assess the students.  The great thing about this book is that there are several animals the kids could choose to complete the Venn diagram.  Though, older grades could be required to complete more than one.

 A writing lesson that could be used for older elementary students or advanced students is a follow up to this Thanksgiving book.  The students could write a story of how the Turkey is going to get out of being Christmas dinner.  Plus, there is a book that you could read after the kids write their versions first. Turkey Claus is Silvano's version/story of getting the Turkey out of being Christmas dinner. 

Amazon had the following book review of Turkey Trouble

"As Thanksgiving approaches, Turkey fears that he will be the centerpiece of the holiday meal. Thus begins his quest for the perfect disguise so he won't be found when the time arrives. He ties a brush on the back of his head and wears a tiny saddle because surely no one would eat a horse for dinner. But the animals still recognize him. He tries to become a cow, a pig, a sheep, and a rooster. He does not look like any of them. When he hears Farmer Jake tell his wife that if they can't find the turkey, maybe they should eat the rooster for dinner, the protagonist comes up with the perfect ruse. This book is as silly as Denys Cazet's offerings about Minnie and Moo (HarperCollins) and just as funny. Harper's comical watercolor illustrations pair naturally with Silvano's clever, filled-with-wordplay text. A first choice for holiday collections."    

Turkey Trouble really is a fabulous read in the home, classroom, or library for kids of all ages. 

 Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving and happy reading! 

Have you read Turkey Trouble? What did you think?  Did you use it in a lesson? 

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