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Kindergarten Free Lesson Plan for Teaching Fall/Autumn and Syllables

Free printable Lesson Plan for teachers, librarians, or homeschoolers.  Read a great book, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves and teach about Fall/Autumn and Syllables to Kindergartners.  Kindergarten or Preschool could use this lesson, tho adaptable for Special Ed, or other grades, classrooms, or library/librariaes. Alohamora Open a Book

Just two days ago I posted about 16 Fabulous FALL Picture Books.  Seriously, go check the books out; they are excellent, great, stupendous, fabulous picture books to read just for fun, with your kids, or as a read aloud.  

Today, I wanted to give you a Free Lesson Plan using one of those books I shared, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves.   

Just FYI: I always link the books to Amazon, b/c I want you to be able to see the book, read the reviews, and b/c they usually have the very best price to purchase books.  Trust me, I know book prices.  Plus, I do  (supposedly, not that I have ever got anything) get the smallest of profit if you buy anything from Amazon from the link I provide.

Since I have been feeling like I had been neglecting Kindergarten, I decided today was a great day to give you this free lesson and printable is geared towards Kindergarten.  Some preschool teachers may be able to use it as well.  

Just like any lesson, you can obviously adapt the lesson to your grade, class, and student whether you are in a school or home schooled environment however you see fit.  

I know at the beginning of the year most Kindergarten kiddos are learning about Syllables as well as the season of Fall/Autumn, so this lesson plan touches a bit on both.  

This Fall Syllables Lesson can be taught by the librarian in the library, teacher in the classroom, or a parent at home.  

For an easy click and print version of the lesson plan click here for the document.  

In the lesson I reference a SmartBoard Notebook file.  It doesn't need to be used, but I love the visual and I always use a SmartBoard if I have access to it.  If you would like the file just email me {meganruth(at)gmail(dot)com} and I will send it to you.

Written by/copyright Alohamora Open a Book

Kindergarten Lesson for Classroom or Library written by Alohamora Open a Book

Topic:  Syllables, Fall/Autumn, Leaves

What Taught:   Identify the phonemes of most one syllable words.
                        Recognize and be able to count the number of syllables in words

Materials:      -     SmartNotebook File K-Syllables (email me: meganruth{at}gmail{dot}com     and I’ll send it to you)
-          Some leaves from outside of various colors red, yellow, brown

How Taught:     
1-      When I look outside on the ground and on the trees I see leaves of all different colors- Leaves like these (show leaves)
a.       A lot of the leaves are yellow and brown but some are maybe red or orange.

2-      In the Fall/Autumn, the trees begin to change colors.  They begin to look like this (picture of tree with colorful leaves and many fallen) with fewer and fewer leaves on the trees.

3-      What colors of leaves do I have here?
a.       Red, Yellow, Brown, etc.

4-      Now you know the names of the colors, but let’s see if we can figure out how many syllables these colors have?
a.       What is a syllable?
                                                                           i.      The sounds in the word that you can break it up.
b.      How many syllables do the following words have
                                                                           i.      Red-1
                                                                         ii.      Yel/low=2
                                                                        iii.      Brown= 1
c.       Clap the syllables as you say the words to help kinesthetic learners.

5-      We are going to read a book today about a little fox that is sad b/c the leaves are falling.
a.       These are some of the characters or words from the book.  Have them written on the board or on the Notebook file.
                                                                           i.      Let’s see if we can figure out how many syllables are in their names?
1.       Flet/cher= 2
2.       Au/tumn= 2
3.       Tree=1
4.       Wind=1
5.       Por/cu/pine=3

6-      Just looking at the front cover and reading the words on the screen you already know some of the story.

7-      Good readers use those kinds of clues to help them make predictions/guesses about the story.
a.       Predictions/Guesses that can answer some questions, like:
                                                                          i.      Who do you think the main character is?
                                                                         ii.      What time of year does the story take place?

8-      READ, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Rawlinson.

9-      That was a fun story about the season Autumn and a pretty neat Fox. 

10-   Let’s practice our syllables again clapping as we say it.
a.       Flet/cher
b.      Au/tumn
c.       Tree
d.      Leaf
e.      Wind
f.        Por/cu/pine
g.       Red
h.      Yel/low
i.         Brown
j.        Green

How Assessed: By the students being able to clap the correct number of syllables in a word. 

Happy Fall/Autumn picture book reading and Syllables teaching to Kindergartners. 

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