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The Forgotten Classics of Chidren's Literature

The Forgotten Classics of Children's LIterature aka those fabulous books that have been loved for years and years that your kids will love too.  Clean reads, and great read alouds.  Perfect for Elementary School kids (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade) both boys and girls.  Fantasy, adventure, realistic, humor, and all around great books.  Many Newbery Winners.  Alohamora Open a Book

Often times people will text me, email me, or ask me in person for book suggestions for their son or daughter.  I LOVE it! 

Their kids are usually veracious readers and the parents just don't know what else to give to them to read.  The parents are concerned with content and want something that is not only clean but appropriate for their elementary school aged child as well.

Because I am who I am I love all things kids and YA book related, so I have a million book suggestions to pass along.  Sometimes I give too many, but that goes right along with my wordiness/chattiness.   

In my suggestions I always include some "classics" or “old school” goodies, and I have found it actually surprises them to hear I suggest some of these "old" books.  Sure, I know and love many new books and series, but there is a reason the classic books have been published over and over again and have had multiple covers throughout the years.  It's because they are REALLY good books, and they are usually all clean reads too.  

I have often found people a bit surprised that a book they read and loved as a child would still appeal to children today.  However, the books do, and they will appeal to generations over and over again.  That is the mark of a really amazing book and a really amazing author. 

Just like you love Pride and Prejudice or The Harry Potter series and will always love them, these books are classics that are absolutely fabulous reads you and your kids will love; they make great read alouds in the classroom or by a parent at home as well.  

This book list is full of amazing books that most definitely should not be forgotten but loved over and over again.

The Forgotten Classics of Children's Literature

Fun loving books that you can read aloud in Kindergarten or enjoy the chapter book as a 4th grader.  These books appeal to both boys and girls as well as the younger and older elementary students.  Though, mostly 4th grade and below. 

Everyone loves to read about the craziness of Fudge.

Who doesn't love a great and hilarious story about a mouse and a motorcycle?  It's a winner for boys and girls alike. 

Enjoy the adventures and craziness that penguins can bring into your life.  Fun loving, and an all around fun read. 

A heart touching story with animals you come to love.  Tear jerker!

Everyone can probably recite at least part of one of these poems no matter how long it has been.  This book of poetry is adored by absolutely every child. I still enjoy reading these poems as a grown adult.

A fabulous fantasy book that deservedly won a Newbery way back in the day.  Such a great book; it actually makes me think of rats differently. 

An all around sweet, good, classic story; I have multiple copies on my shelf.

There are so many Dahl books that I love and adore! Fun read alouds and fun books for both boys and girls alike. 

Some call this the first classic fantasy book/series, and it really is a classic, that won the Newbery in 1963, everyone should read.  Word on the street is there is a movie coming out. This series is best for 5th grade and up.  

I still remember Mr. Toad and his adventures. So clean and so fun.  

This series is meant for girls, and I know several women that still talk and reread this series. Older elementary girls will enjoy this the most.   

 I know, there are a lot of Cleary books on this list, but she is a great author.  This book is great and a lot of children can relate; it is best for 3rd grade and up.

The covers are definitely old school, but the story line of this series is still a fabulous one that is loved by mostly girls.  

The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks
Boys will especially love this, but I loved when my teachers read this series to us and I'm a girl.  Fabulous adventures and fun for third grade and up.  

How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell
This is a quick fun read both boys and girls in 2nd to 4th grade will enjoy; though there are no illustrations, Diary of  Wimpy Kid fans will enjoy this book as well. 

Fabulous classics right?  How many of them have you read?  How many of them are you wanting to go back and re-read now? Which ones were your favorite?   

Let's not forget these fabulous books; let's pass the awesomeness of the Forgotten Classics down to the next generation of readers. 

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