Monday, September 24, 2012

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by (Retold by) Mo Willems is one of my new favorite picture books.  I really love almost all of Mo Willems' books.  He has a funny yet simplistic writing style, and I think it is refreshing and completely enjoyable.  Plus Willems does all of his own artwork, and it is great!

We own several Mo Willems books already, tho I wish I could get them in paperback to save my wallet a bit, but after reading this latest book I had to get this one too.  Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs is an all around fabulous book, and I think I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.  Plus, this book is a fun read for toddlers and elementary students alike. Everyone will enjoy it!

Amazon had the following book description:

"Once upon a time, there were three hungry Dinosaurs: Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur . . . and a Dinosaur who happened to be visiting from Norway.

One day—for no particular reason—they decided to tidy up their house, make the beds, and prepare pudding of varying temperatures. And then—for no particular reason—they decided to go . . . someplace else. They were definitely not setting a trap for some succulent, unsupervised little girl.

Definitely not!

This new take on a fairy-tale classic is so funny and so original—it could only come from the brilliant mind of Mo Willems."

Honestly, this is a wonderful twist off of the classic Goldilocks story.  I enjoy fairy-tales retold with a twist, but I only enjoy them if they are really good.  Jon Scieszka has a few retold fairy tales that are winners as well.  However, this is the first Goldilocks twist I've read, and I loved it!

Willems retold this beloved fairy tale with many Goldilocks similarities, but it has funny and unique aspects throughout that truly make it one of a kind.  Plus, there are two wonderful yet completely different morals ("If you find yourself in the wrong story get out!") at the end of the story. Scieszka has a book, Squids Will be Squids, that is full of short stories/fables really with funny morals at the end.  Willems' Goldilocks morals reminded me of Scieszka's morals.  Willems and Scieszka are both fantastic authors.  

If the hilarious story and interesting and applicable morals is not enough for you to want to go pick this book up, then go check out the inside front and back covers.  The inside covers are full of rejected possible titles for this story.  The rejected titles are just as entertaining as the story itself.  Goldilocks and the three hoagies was one of those rejected titles. 

Mo Willems has, yet again, wrote another fabulous book.  Go get it or borrow it from the library at least!  You and your kids will love it.  Plus, all of those teachers and librarians out there have a plethora of lesson possibilities with this book.  

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