Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Hiding Place

My friend recently started a book club in my neighborhood.  I'm always a fan of book clubs, but that is mostly b/c I love reading, love chatting about books, and love chatting with fun people.  Plus, there is usually some sort of scrumptious treat at book club.  Love it!  I also love that book clubs are great ways to expand your reading horizons;  book clubs help you read books that you normally wouldn't gravitate to or even know about.  Go join a book club; it's fun!

Before book club I had never heard of the book, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, but I am sure glad we ended up choosing this book to read.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Hiding Place for many reasons.  I felt it was written well, fast paced, I learned something, and I felt inspired to be a better person b/c of this book.

I would highly suggest this book to anyone and everyone.  I think any 16 year old and older would enjoy this book.  I say 16 years old or older just b/c there are some graphic descriptions of prison, concentration camp, and extermination camps and it might be too much for someone younger.  There isn't anything inappropriate in the book as far as sex or language is concerned, but the content of the horrors that occurred during World War II would probably be best for those that are a bit more mature.    

Overall, I would give The Hiding Place 5 out of 5 stars b/c it really is a great book.  Ii also feel that the conversation writing style really enhances the story whether you enjoy this book in writing or audio.  Not every book is good as an audio book, but I think this one would be great.  Personally, I think men and women alike would enjoy this book; I have actually already told my husband he needs to read this book pronto.  The Hiding Place truly is a great and inspiring read.  Go check it out!  

The Hiding Place begins in Holland with the Ten Boom family before the Germans occupied Holland. Corrie and her family are devoted Christians who pray and read the Bible both morning and night as well as show their Christianity in their deeds as well.  After the Germans occupied Holland during World War II many things changed.  The book shows how the Germans slowly made changes with curfew and increased persecution to the Jews as well as those that helped them.  Corrie and her family became very active in the underground group who strove to provide hiding places for the Jews.  These people were willing to sacrifice their own safety and lives to help those in need.

Eventually the Germans discovered what Corrie and her family were doing and they arrested them.  The rest of the book is spent with Corrie and her sister Betsie in jail, a concentration camp, and even an extermination camp.  The pains they go through is horrific and eye opening, but their reaction to their sufferings is what is truly inspiring.  Corrie and her sister relied on God; their faith in God caused miracles (their medicine drops that never ran out no matter how much of it they shared with others) and inspired those around them.  It was amazing how their faith in God  influenced German guards as well as other prisoners to find peace and comfort in their own trials.  Corrie and Betsie's faith in God helped themselves as well as others discover that joy runs deeper than despair.  Their faith in God helped others in their own time and in their own way work out the deep pain within them.  Their faith in God was inspiring.    

Amazon had the following book description:

 “I pray that God forgive them...”

Corrie Ten Boom stood naked with her older sister Betsie, watching a concentration camp matron beating a prisoner. “Oh, the poor woman,” Corrie cried. “Yes. May God forgive her,” Betsie replied. And, once again, Corrie realized that it was for the souls of the brutal Nazi guards that her sister prayed.

Both woman had been sent to the camp for helping the Jews. Christ’s Spirit and words were their guide; it was His persecuted people they tried to save—at the risk of their own lives; it was His strength that sustained them through times of profound horror.

Here is a book aglow with the glory of God and the courage of a quiet Christian spinster whose life was transformed by it. A story of Christ’s message and the courage woman who listened and lived to pass it along—with joy and triumph!"

The book description and my previous written words make The Hiding Place seem like an overly Christian novel.  However, I would truly say that this book is a true description of how someone overcame the trials and hardships that were so prevalent during World War II.  

I enjoyed this book; I hope you enjoy it as well.  There were many parts of the book that I wanted to share with you, but I didn't want to tell you too much.  Just know that you can find many words of wisdom in this book.  Go and check it out. 

 As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and/or comments about The Hiding Place.  


  1. I didn't read the book but watched the movie (produced by Billy Graham!). I was shocked to find out that not only were Jews persecuted in Nazi Germany but also Christians...such a cruel, sad time. Corrie never married or had children, but this book is her legacy and is far reaching. (amanda)

  2. I absolutely loved this book. Throughout it I kept seeing the Lord's hand in helping Corrie throughout her journey. Such an inspiring book and I would agree it makes you want to change the way you live.