Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Reading for all Ages

There are many reasons why I love summer.  I love being off from school, or I did when I was a teacher librarian as well as student; I love being outside more (not as much now that I live in Arizona).  I love staying up late and spending time with friends, and I love having more time to read, play, and do all sorts of fun things.

One of the great things about reading during the summer is all of the great summer reading programs around and the cool things you get from just reading.  The library and Barnes & Noble have Summer Reading Programs and you can get free books and more from signing up and reading.  If you haven't taken your kids to both or either location to sign up for the Summer Reading Program yet you should do that pronto.  The kids will be super excited to read and earn the cool things from the reading programs.  It's fun to get the kids excited to read, or at least that's what I think but I am a librarian.

Recently, I have seen many people on Facebook asking for good book suggestions either for themselves or for their kids.  My blog can help you pick out a good book.  Also, most libraries have book lists available to peruse.  I also found the Houston school districts' book list broken down by grade.  These list were created by librarians in the district.  I like having book lists available to get good ideas, but I also know an 8-10 page book list can be overwhelming for many people.  I thought I would go ahead and narrow the books lists down even further and give you a few of my favorite books from their book lists for each grade.  I included fiction and non-fiction books; I also included books for each grade that are good for boys, girls, and both.  Feel free to comment about any of the books you may have a question with.  

Using the Houston school districts book lists you can choose a book for the the grade your child is going into, or you can look at one that is a grade higher than the one your child is going into.  Choosing a book from a grade higher is a great book to read with your kid.  There is something very powerful, both for improving your child's reading fluency and comprehension as well as your relationship with your child, when you read with your kids.  For younger children I have another blog post about great picture books to read with children.  Feel free to check that one out for even more book ideas.  

A few of my favorites books that were on the Houston book lists are as follows:  
Diary of a Baby Wombat by French (Diary of a Wombat is great as well)
I only choose one, but there are several good ones on the Houston Book List.

Diary of a Fly by Cronin (and the other Diary books are great picture books)
The Tacky books by Lester (other great picture books)
The Fly Guy books by Arnold are fun beginning chapter books
The Mercy Watson books by DiCamillo- one of my favorite authors.  These are great beginning chapter books as well.
Nic Bishop has some great non-fiction books about insects and animals for 1st-4th grade.

Tale of Despereaux by DiCamillo,
The Clementine books by Pennypacker (series)
Any Patricia Polacco books- they are longer picture books but fun to read with your kids
Justin Case by Vail

Origami Yoda and Darth Paper by Angleberger
Al Capone Does My Shirts by Choldenko (has a sequel)
The Magician’s Elephant by DiCamillo
The Lost Hero by Riordan (new series after the Lightning Thief series)
Scat by Hiaasen
Wonderstruck by Selznick
Tentacles by Smith
The Princess Academy by Hale (the sequel comes out in August)

Ender’s Game by Card (series)
Prom and Prejudice by Eulberg
Beastly by Flinn
Gone by Grant (series)
Pop by Korman
The Red Pyramid by Riordan (series)

The Cardturner by Sachar
City of Bones by Clare (series)
Divergent by Roth (series)
Shiver by Stiefvater
Speak by Anderson

Wintergirls by Anderson 
Pride and Prejudice by Austen
Fall of Giants by Follett
Outliers by Gladwell
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Grahame-Smith
Paper Towns by Green
The Book Thief by Zusak

I hope this helps you get excited about reading and helps you pick some great books for you and your kids to enjoy this summer.  

As always please share with me any questions and/or comments you may have.  

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